On the July 10, 2007, episode, an iPhone played the video intro before being blended. The resulting remains of the iPhone (which consisted of powder and a mangled metal frame), along with a brand new Blendtec blender and a DVD compilation of the commercials, were put up for auction on eBay and sold at US$901 (which was given to charity). This was repeated with an iPhone 3G on the July 11, 2008, episode, with the eBay auction including a "Will It Blend" t-shirt, an autographed jar (holding the blended remains of the phone), the box the iPhone came in (including the earphones), and a brand new Blendtec Total Blender.[5] On the April 5, 2010, episode, an iPad was blended after being smashed to fit into the blender.[6]The number of views this video received prompted Dickson to set up a contest on to give away either the shredded or the boxed iPad. Each comes with a free Blendtec blender. On the June 25, 2010, episode, an iPhone 4 was blended.[7] Following this, a "Blend my Phone Contest" was announced, the prize being a new iPhone 4 with a 2 year contract paid by Dickson and, as the name of the contest indicated, your old Mobile phone blended. The winner, announced on July 12 that year, was Ashley S. from Portland, Oregon.